I will be delivering a two hour workshop – Horse Health and Happiness – at the forthcoming British Society of Dowsers Spring Symposium 16th & 17th April 2016.

Communicating with animals through dowsing is a wonderful, rewarding and extremely valuable learning experience.  During this workshop Fay will be illustrating some of the practices she employs when working with her horse clients.  During the session remote dowsing will be used on horses who have agreed to participate.  Topics include:

  • diet and physical wellbeing;
  • energy body and chakra healing;
  • the nature of their stable and work environment.

For any dowser interested in working with horses, or other animals, this workshop will help you take those first steps.



Horses and man have had a symbiotic relationship for thousands of years, and as with all relationships, it requires work to ensure both parties can thrive.  Horses are extremely empathic animals, each very individual with their own idiosyncracies. Understanding how you, the environment, the seasons and their associated dietary needs effect your horse can help improve condition, enhance performance and speed recovery from injury.

I provide a consultation service, either on site or distance dowsing, for your horse.  Dowsing enables me to identify many factor affecting wellbeing. These may include:

  • changes required to diet – including nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies;
  • mental, emotional and physical issues – such as past injury or hurt;
  • environmental factors in the stabling and working environment – from geopathic stress and landscape trauma to toxicity from agricultural fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides.

Each case is of course unique and I therefore provide a written report of findings and recommendations enabling you to refer to this document as your horse finds optimum health and wellbeing.

Please email me at fay4dowsing@yahoo.co.uk with your initial enquiry.




This is a unique opportunity to discover how dowsing can enhance the health and wellbeing of horses, equally suited to the horse owner or dowsers interested in working with horses.

The course will cover dowsing for:

  • dietary needs and supplements;
  • the energy bodies of the horse for issues that may be affecting their health;
  • behaviour and performance
  • identifying suitable remedies.

IMAG0299The course will also look at environmental energies in the stabling and management areas that may be detrimental to the horse. These include:

  • geopathic stress
  • landscape trauma

This is a two day introductory course, featuring practical sessions. Basic dowsing skills would be an advantage but not essential. If you have any queries please contact Fay Palmer, course tutor on fay4dowsing@yahoo.co.uk.


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