Fay Palmer is a registered practitioner with The British Society of Dowsers and a member of The Geomancy Group.  Fay offers a comprehensive range of courses and workshops, and is a frequent guest speaker and demonstrator of dowsing for a wide variety of groups and associations.  All talks, courses, workshops and demonstrations can be tailored to your needs for large and small groups, and individuals.  Please contact Fay to discuss your requirements via email to


In 2015 the following courses were held.  If you would like any to be repeated or more advanced levels provided please let me know.


2016 date tbc

A two day workshop is aimed at introducing dowsing to gardeners and growers. 


Dowsing has many application in gardening, from testing soil fertility and seed vitality to identifying the best location for plants. This course will guide participants through such basic techniques but will also address the use of dowsing to work collaboratively with suble energies and nature consciousness.

The course will:

  • give an overview of the levels of consciousness in nature;
  • give an overview of the nature of earth energies and geopathic stress;
  • give an overview of earth healing and earth acupuncture techniques;
  • examine the use of dowsing in choosing & citing plants;
  • discuss geomantic techniques to enhance soil temperature, growth and cropping rates;
  • use remote dowsing techniques on delegates garden plan.

Delegates must have attended either the BSD  Introduction to Dowsing for Beginners workshop or the BSD Foundation course, a suitable alternative, or have sufficient dowsing experience to address the tasks required on the course. It is important that this very busy workshop is not held up by the needs of additional dowsing tuition. Please contact Fay if you wish to discuss your skills level.


2016 date tbc

Are you interested in a more holistic view of health? Unsure how dowsing can be applied to health?

Jump for joy!

Jump for joy!

This two day health course is aimed at dowsers and non-dowsers who wish to look at their health in terms of mind, body and spirit, rather than solely addressing symptoms. It is designed to excite interest and give an insight into the use of dowsing to assist healing and achieve optimum health.
The two  BSD certificated course  will give participants the opportunity to experience dowsing as a useful tool in the identification of health problems and to understand how to identify appropriate healing practices, remedies and therapies through the application of dowsing.

Dowsing offers each of us the ability to identify core health issues, whether apparent or not through symptoms or signs of manifest illness or disease.

It can guide us in selecting healing strategies and once balance has been restored, keep us on track.
Topics will include food sensitivities or allergies, nutritional supplements, environmental sensitivities or allergies, dowsing for specific remedies and healing techniques, dowsing the physical body, dowsing the subtle energy bodies.
If you are interested in health dowsing, want a brief overview and some practical  experience this workshop will give you an insight into the topic.



2016 date tbc

This is a unique opportunity to discover how dowsing can enhance the health and wellbeing of horses, equally suited to the horse owner or dowsers interested in working with horses.

The course will cover:

  • dietary needs and supplements,:
  • the energy bodies of the horse for issues that may be affecting their health;
  • behaviour and performance;
  • identifying suitable remedies.

IMAG0299The course will also look at environmental energies in the stabling and management areas that may be detrimental to the horse. This is a two day introductory course, featuring practical sessions. Basic dowsing skills would be an advantage but not essential. If you have any queries please contact Fay Palmer.

2016 date tbc


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