Fay Semple is a practising professional dowser in the fields of health, geopathic stress, gardening and agriculture, together with equine health and performance. She has been a professional dowser for 9 years, although she has been a dowser for most of her life.  She is a British Society of Dowers  Practitioner and was awarded the BSD ‘Services to Dowsing and to the BSD’ in 2012.  She is also a member of The Geomancy Group.

Fay works extensively with clients on a one to one basis in her health practise, using dowsing as a means to address the cause of ill health, rather than treat the symptoms.  This can involve dowsing a persons diet , together with their sensitivity to environmental factors such as personal hygiene and beauty products and household products. Dowsing can also identify other hidden contributors to the ‘dis-ease’.  In addition Fay may  use dowsing to examine the aura and chakra system for energetic imbalances and apply healing techniques.

Geopathic stress is a problem that can effect many people.  Do you feel ill or constantly tired? Has this occurred since you moved into your current home? Dowsing can identify whether geopathic stress may be an issue.  Energy emitted from underground water, energy leys or other non-tangible phenomena could be a factor involved in your sleepless nights, poor general health and deteriorating family relationships.

Dowsing and geomancy are  a way of working with nature to enhance the well being of an area.  In horticulture and agriculture it can be used to enhance germination, growth and cropping rates.  It can also help with disease and pest resistance.  If you are a keen gardener you can be confident that the food you are eating is the best for you.  Fay specialises is the construction of ‘miniliths’, including power towers, chambered cairns and stone circles!  They have hugely beneficial effects on the whole forna and flora of an area and do not have to be obtrusive or out of place.

Fay’s equine health and performance work has in fact evolved out of her health and geopathic stress experience.  Holistic remedies can have a hugely beneficial effect on our equine friends, who are also very sensitive to earth energies, particularly underground water.  As Fay’s experience has grown her communication with these wonderful animals has developed and surprised her with it’s clarity and accuracy. If only people could listen, your horse is trying constantly to give you the answers.

Fay teaches numerous courses, workshops and public events through out the year.  She is also available for one to one tuition.

If you have any requirements for consultancy or training not listed please contact Fay to discuss.


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