Spring into Action….

With spring now well, springing, it’s a great time of year to look ahead.  The seeds of ideas planted last autumn and sitting dormant in our subconscious are starting to shoot and take shape in reality. Help them to grow – do the things you’ve dreamt of, be brave and dare, take that leap of faith.  As those shoots grow, branch out and do something different…

I’m leaving the cosy shell of my home to begin my season of seminars and courses soon. My first public seminars this year are at the British Society of Dowsers Spring Symposium at Worcester, UK. I am delighted to be able to give a taster into my equine dowsing – Horse Health & Happiness, as well Geopathic stress in energy lines and water courses. These  two hour long seminar (with a tea break at half time thank goodness!) will provide an insight into some of the methods I employ.

On Saturday afternoon 16th April 2016  I will lead Horse Health & Happiness.   Communicating with animals through dowsing is a wonderful, rewarding and extremely valuable learning experience.  During this workshop Fay will be illustrating some of the practices she employs when working with her horse clients.  During the session remote dowsing will be used on horses who have agreed to participate.  Topics include: diet and physical wellbeing; energy body and chakra healing; the nature of their stable and work environment.  For any dowser interested in working with horses, or other animals,  or for any non-dowser interested in how dowsing can open the communication between animals and humans, this workshop will help you take those first steps.

My second seminar on Sunday morning, 17th April 2016 covers Geopathic stress in energy lines and water courses.  Water courses and energy lines are all around us, some are good for our welfare, some can be harmful.  So how do you identify which is which and what can you do about it?  This workshop is aimed at those who want to understand some of the  basic and more advanced techniques used to identify and remedy geopathic stress in water and energy lines.  Find out what runs unseen through and under your home!

So spring into action, watch your skills flower over the summer and reap the rewards of your labour in the autumn.  And see what new seeds you then wish to plant…